The development and commercialization of innovative products at a high technical level is the challenge that has made ​​the DEGETEC end of 2007.
We place great emphasis on high value product for the end user the best quality and easy handling for a moderate price.
We pursue this goal consistently and without compromise.

The prerequisites for this task are good.
The Board will draw on the experience gained from a market leader in the supply of medical products, were collected during the last 16 years.
Among other things, Responsible as technical director for product development in accordance with relevant standards, the approval and certification of products for VDE, TUV and UL, as well as implementation of prototyping to production, to production monitoring and quality management in the highly sensitive medical environment.

Finally, we have always had an eye on the technical service
for our customers, enabling them to build on the supplier side as a high degree of confidence.
Which over the years, again and again through personal contacts and exchange of ideas linked network of developers, engineers and control centers in Europe, Asia and the U.S. allows the DEGETEC today to observe a wide range of products, and to meet specific customer requirements.

Best conditions to create what we are doing the most.

Commercialize innovative products that bring high value to the people!

We are optimistic about the future and look forward to the challenges of the market and most importantly you will make a potential customer in the years to DEGETEC.

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